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Who is Mary Valley Tourism?

MVT is a unique community organisation in that its mission and goals relate to sub-regional socio-economic development incorporating tourism development and marketing, analytical research, program and project management, strategic planning and development. This significant and important contribution to the region’s economic, cultural and social sustainability is demonstrated through successful programs and projects underpinned by MVT’s professionalism, commitment and capacity to deliver tangible and beneficial outcomes.

A united voice unleashing the potential and ensuring the sustainability and well being for the communities of the Mary Valley while protecting their diversity, values, culture and environment. 



MVI manage Mary Valley Country Facebook and Instagram to support the marketing of the ‘come out to play’ branding for the Mary Valley.

A specific COVID-19 response marketing campaign was delivered during 2020 to attract SEQ residents to the Mary Valley. This was a successful campaign which raised the awareness of the Mary Valley across the 3.5 million residents of South East Queensland and saw multitudes of visitors ‘coming out to play’ with their toys every weekend.

Mary Valley co-promotes with the Noosa and Gympie tourism organisations to highlight the visitor experience across a wider area.


Tourism Research – Workshops & Destination Marketing Plan 2019/20

MVI was successful in gaining just under $20,000 from the Federal Government for a project titled ‘Accelerating Tourism in the Mary Valley’ to undertake in-depth tourism target market research for the Mary Valley and to present a full report to guide sub-regional destination marketing for the region. Workshops were held for businesses and organisations delivering events, to present information regarding target markets to assist with their marketing development and tourism leadership workshop were also held. This project places the Mary Valley well ahead of its neighbouring tourism regions with the level of tourism market data that will result from this project.

business directories

Mary Valley Country Business Directory

The Mary Valley Businesss Directory is a vital resource for the business community and residents of the region and includeds a Community Directory.

Over 350 listings appear in the Directory covering business and community contacts. These listings also appear on the Mary Valley Country Website. 

MVT has produced the Mary Valley Business Directory biennially since 2010.  This important production will now be delivered annually to keep abreast of the growth of the Mary Valley.



2ND Edition

This 2nd edition has been developed through popular demand. A print run of 30,000 this edition ensures that the brochure remains on shelves for the next 12 months. The map was designed and advertisements created in house by MVI. Some contribution was provided by Tourism Sunshine Coast and Destination Gympie Region. The brochure/map promotes approximately 60 businesses in the region. MVI distribute this production throughout the Sunshine Coast tourism region. This map aligns with the coordinated marketing approach between the three main marketing tools for the region – all developed by Mary Valley


The forum was to identify / discover what tourism product already existed in the Mary Valley,  to collectively identify opportunities for growth and to brainstorm ideas on how to continue the advancement of the Mary Valley as a “must-see’ destination.

Mary Valley Inc presented the tourism forum as an opportunity for businesses and community to work in collaboration with each other to enhance promotion of the valley.

Held in collaboration with Gympie Regional Council, Visit Sunshine Council and Mary Valley  Chamber of Commerce and Kenilworth Chamber of Commerce. A full report is available on the findings of the forum and identified actions.


Ove Valley, One Vision, One Voice


To improve the quality of peoples’ lives by developing a united voice unleashing the potential of the Mary Valley in ensuring the viability and wellbeing of its  communities while protecting their diversity, values, culture and environment.


MVT General Membership is open to people and businesses from across the Mary Valley communities who live, own a property or business, in the Mary Valley or provide services to the Mary Valley region. Membership is provided automatically (optional) to those in the above categories who participate in Mary Valley Country marketing initiatives. A Management committee is elected from those members each year at the Annual General Meeting.

Through this approach MVT believes that the organisation can actively work on behalf of the many thousands of people within the geographic area of the Mary Valley from Crystal Waters through to Dagun and surrounds. The Management Committee meets regularly throughout the year. Project Teams are formed to implement MVT activities, these Teams constitute MVT members and/or volunteers interested in a project. MVT also auspices projects or groups that are not incorporated through a formal application process ensuring quality outcomes for the region.


Mary Valley Tourism (MVT) previously known as Mary Valley Inc., is a Not for Profit Incorporated Association working for the people, communities and businesses of the Mary Valley.  Established in 2008, the organization covers the areas from Crystal Waters in the south, through Conondale, Kenilworth, Brooloo, Carters Ridge, Ridgewood, Imbil, Kandanga, Amamoor, to Dagun in the North of the Mary Valley. MVT now has a general membership open to all who live in or who operate a business the Mary Valley which is optionally awarded to those who participate in the marketing projects such as the Business Directory, Tourism Map and Website. A management committee is selected from this membership annually at the AGM. MVI is officially changing their name to Mary Valley Tourism Inc in 2020 to better represent the group’s current activities and to help clarify its role in Tourism Marketing and Promotion for Mary Valley Country.

Changing the organisation’s name to MARY VALLEY TOURSIM in 2020 Due to its region-wide structure, MVI was in a position to previously implement the 2008 Mary Valley BEAR REPORT (Qld State Government’s Business Retention and Expansion Program) and has gone on to undertake many of its Economic Development recommendations. MVI also implemented the Tourism Queensland and Visit Sunshine Coast funded 2010 Mary Valley Tourism Identity Project and has gone on to develop the current successful Tourism Marketing and Brand Management for the region based on that report.

MVI’s aims and objectives involve addressing broad ECONOMIC, SOCIAL, TOURISM, ENVIRONMENTAL AND COMMUNITY ISSUES and to promote the Mary Valley as a great place to live and visit, to enhance the quality of life in the Mary Valley and to build community and business as well as nurture key Local, State and Federal Government partnerships. MVI has been recognised by all levels of Government for its work.

MVI’s role is to be a collective voice and organisation for the Mary Valley, acting as a sub-regional body to take community endorsed projects forward which provide for the greater good of the Valley and develop the capacity of the Mary Valley communities.  MVI provides a vehicle for the region to work together collectively and plan for the future of the region.  The organisation responds to current trends and needs as they arise to ensure they are maximising the opportunities for the region.

Contribution to the Gympie Region

MVT’s mission and goals relate to sub-regional socio-economic development incorporating tourism development and marketing, analytical research, program and project management, strategic planning and development. This significant and important contribution to the region’s economic, cultural and social sustainability is demonstrated through successful programs and projects underpinned by MVT’s professionalism, commitment and capacity to deliver tangible and beneficial outcomes.

MVT achieves this contribution through developing and delivering projects, sourcing funding through grants and fostering community, corporate and government partnerships.  Project Managers are employed (where funding permits) or skilled volunteers, ensuring professional project delivery. Funds raised are invested in training, promotion, infrastructure, workshops, marketing collateral and much more.

MVT’s committed and skilled members are the drivers of this specialised organisation, they invest their valuable time, working towards MVT’s goals professionally, strategically and passionately for the benefit of the Mary Valley and Gympie region.

MVT operates under a Project Team structure for planning, delivery and reporting. Project proposals are submitted for consideration via a formal proposal system which outlines MVI’s aims and objectives to ensure projects align with community agreed goals and are feasible. MVT itself also identifies gaps and opportunities in the region and proposes projects internally.  Communities also put forward concepts, projects or events which can be auspiced by MVT if all criteria are met.

MVT’s contribution to the Gympie / Mary Valley regions has been significant and ranges from the delivery of projects and training to leading local planning matters and providing input at higher levels of policy and strategy development which affect the region. This capacity is a result of the solid foundations and professional processes on which the organisation was formed and continues to operate.


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